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Nice to notice some updates on DS3



  • What updates? >.>

  • Hey, it's good that there is a forum like this up. I remember when DS got hacked a long time ago a forum like this one was created until the game was able to come back up and was bursting with activity. Clan recruitment, strategy's ect can be discussed her ;)

  • Yea that was great, game was super active for a while when it came back up, everyone racing for the coins to get their clans up others just buying the tickets for it. Fun times.

  • If we knew more about the new game, we could start planning ahead a bit. :p

  • edited August 2013

    Looking forward to coming back and playing the new version, been gone a long time.

    Will there be any emails to registered members when the new game is ready?

  • Wow...There is a name I haven't seen in a long time..Wuz up Warblade =)
    Tun it would be nice to get more detail, but all you need to know is no matter what you will always be in 2nd place to me =P

  • @Warblade
    Yes, I will send such an email.

  • wow its nice to see some updates for the upcoming ds :)

  • Warblade who is that @Beowulf

  • It's good just to see some changes going on, hopefully it wont be too much longer till its ready to play!

  • @NightWolf: Warblade is a vet to DS

    READ the DS3 TERMS:

  • Just the word 'update' is exciting. :)

  • Any kind of release schedule or something like that?

  • Or better question, is there anyway to assist?

  • "No spamming."

  • @Dragon Start abusing this like a twitter account you boss.

  • he is an older player than me and I have been playing sense 1 monthish after the games first release,,, thou at times not for weeks at a time (or months sometimes) looking forward to the reset and mas scrable for power once again.

  • Though some, I see there still hasn't been much progress that's visible to us regarding DS3. Guess I'll have to keep waiting to make my triumphant return.

  • Still convinced DS3 is a lie, and this forum is just more bait to keep us forever wishing and hoping for something that will never be.

  • edited October 2013

    I remember warblade, and just chatted with Beowulf in game, brings back many memories.

  • ahhh just throwing my 2 cents in and saying hello

  • Oh hey Stags, I remember you too. Hopefully something will begin moving soon with DS3, I have been down this road with everybody before though..... a lot of waiting and hoping. I suppose I could have learned to program my self by now and made my own game, lol. Not sure why DS keeps bringing me back, it must just be the people.

  • All this talk of activity but not a soul in site come on guys.

  • why would we be on here there is nothing to do except forums.

  • wow there is a DS 3.0, i can't play now? i played the old DS for years!! name was Orca44 and Shini44, clans were : NooB Paradise and Shadow Warriors, i wana play the new DS, so when will it be back?

  • also we need a facebook page, else the game wont grow, DS was addictive , i was playing beside World of Warcraft and still see it was Epic for me!! people of the facebook will enjoy it more, DS is for all! casuals and pros!!

  • Does anyone remember Abel Nightroad?

  • <------Remembers Abel Nightroad =P

  • I remember Abel why? Is he coming back??

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